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What is Freecovers.net?
Essentially, Freecovers.net is a website dedicated to cover art and graphics, whether that be audio, film or game based. All areas are covered

Where do you get your covers?
Simple, all covers are supplied by the members as uploads to our database. These are then made available to our membership provided the covers meet certain criteria.

What do you mean, certain criteria?
We want all covers on this site to be of a high quality. That means 300dpi or better wherever possible, of a decent size (CD covers are typically 1500 x 1500 pixels or better) and decent images. Any covers that do not meet our minimum requirements are rejected.

How can I ensure the quality is what you want?
If you follow this scanning tutorial you won't go wrong

What Are Moderators?
Moderators oversee the forums and all the covers on the site. They generally have the ability to edit and delete both covers and posts, move threads, and perform other manipulations.

Can I be a moderator?
Our moderators are chosen because of the work they put into the site while they are 'normal' members. Whether that be because they are very active in the forums, are particularly helpful and knowledgeable and with lots of spare time

One sure way to ensure you don't get to be a moderator is to ask! The mods don't do it for the glory (there isn't any), they don't do it for the money (there isn't any) and they certainly don't do it for for the fun (there isn't any, well OK, maybe a little bit). They do it because they want this site to be the best it possibly can be.

I've had a look at the site, but I can't download any covers - why?
Downloads are restricted to members only

How do I become a member?
Click on the register link and follow the instructions - you'll be up and running in just a few minutes

How much does it cost to be a member?
Nothing, nowt, zip, nada, null points, not a bean

What is Gold Membership?
OK, you got us. That's the bit that we charge for! This is a subscription based level of membership, and for $10 a year you get access to the highest resolution covers we carry, no minimum post limit before you can make requests, your own Gold Members forum area and lots more goodies are being planned for the near future

So how do I get to be a Gold Member?
Click on the Upgrade link and follow the instructions

You're called Freecovers, so why do you charge?
You think running a site like this comes cheap? The subscriptions only cover the costs of running the site. No staff member receives any financial reward for doing this. Covers can be downloaded for free if you do not desire the highest quality prints.

OK, I'm now registered, so why can't I request a cover?
One of our rules is that all members must either have made a minimum of 10 posts or be a gold member. Any posts requesting covers without meeting these conditions will be deleted

I've uploaded a cover but spelled the name wrong. What do I do?
Just PM one of the moderators and ask for it to be changed. Give as much info as you can as we have over 230,000 titles here and finding a cover with the description 'I uploaded a cover yesterday, can you change it' will take us a while!

I've uploaded a cover, but would like to delete it. What do I do?
Again, PM a moderator with the details and provided you were the uploader, it'll be deleted

I uploaded a cover but it hasn't been approved
There could be several reasons for this. We usually approve covers within 24 hours of posting, but this process can take up to 48 hours. If after 2 days the cover has still not been approved, then it either does not meet our minimum requirements or we already have that cover

Some of the covers I uploaded have been deleted. Why?
We try to provide the best quality covers we can. If one of your covers has been deleted it will be because someone has uploaded one of higher quality

I'm looking for some porn covers, but can't find them. Where are they?
Sorry to disappoint you, but we do not carry this type of cover, or indeed porn of any description. Any covers or posts that get uploaded to us are deleted immediately.

I've got some links to some neat software your members might like. How can I post the links?
Simple answer - you can't! Any links to external sites that we find WILL be removed. The only way to pass links on to other members is for them to request the link via PM. We have had to take this step to protect our members from a minority of idiots who think it's 'fun' to pass on malware

Someone has requested a cover in one of the forums, can I post a copy of it as a reply to the post?
Simple answer to this one - NO! If you have a cover to post, upload it on the covers page and when it gets approved, put a link to the cover in your reply. That way, the cover is available to all and is easy to find.

I've searched the site, put in a request, but still can't find the cover I'm after. If I PM a moderator, can they find it for me?
Any requests for covers sent to the moderators will be ignored. Keeping the site running and going through the covers approval process takes priority for all mods. Repeated requests will lead to warnings being issued

I've seen some great sigs on the site! Can I have one?
No problem, if you can't make one yourself, post a request in the general forum as we have many members who are a whiz with photoshop. Just remember that this site is accessed by children, so keep your sig clean - no nudity, rude language or anything that would cause offense.
The sig should be no larger than 400 x 200 px for standard members. Gold members may go larger. Any sig over the allowable will be removed by any Admin or MOD - no notice necessary.

I keep seeing the word CUSTOM at the end of a cover title - what does that mean?
This is used to describe a cover not released 'officially', ie, it's something one of you guys has made. Anyone can make a custom cover, but we do have a strict policy on what we accept as a custom cover. The cover must either be for a product not yet on official release, a title not yet in our archives or it must be better than the official cover. Very few custom covers get through our selection process and we will refuse any customs once a title has too many, no matter how good!

I have a complaint/don't like/agree with something that has been posted here.
We don't expect everyone to agree with everything that gets posted here. If you do have an issue with a comment another member has made try taking it up with them, either in the open forums or by a PM. If that doesn't get you anywhere, pass your complaint to one of the mods in a PM. Remember that the staff will only take action if the site rules have been broken, eg - consistent offensive language, passing on links to malware, abusive, racist or sexist behavior etc. We won't take any action if you don't agree with something another member has said about your favorite sports team!

I've noticed my 'Warn' level has increased. What does that mean?
It means you've been naughty mad.gif Either by ignoring the site rules, disregarding instructions from the mods or uploading covers of poor quality, prohibited subject matter (porn) or poor/unclear titles. The reason for the warning will be PM'd to you when a warning is issued.
The Warn level is an indication of how close you're getting to having your account suspended. It will go down once the violations cease.

Finally on this point - if things don't go the way you would like, don't try taking it out on the staff! Flames, abuse or any form of attack on the staff here will simply result in you being awarded a lifetime ban.

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